We made this silly video to explain why we’re so helpful, and to prove that we’re total goofballs.  Enjoy!

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James Mandell

James Mandell, Agent | CEO

James began his career in a New York jingle house, then moved to LA, where he was an Elektra/Asylum recording artist before moving to VO and post services. A seasoned artist, he’s intimately aware of the challenge and opportunities from both sides of the mic. Since starting up VoiceOver LA in 2002 he’s worked with hundreds of companies, searching for just the right take to help each production succeed.

Martha Mayakis

Martha Mayakis, Agent | Casting Director

As one of the best-known casting directors in the country, Martha was at the Voicecaster for 14 years before moving to VoiceOver LA in 2007, where she now heads up her own casting division, Talkshop. A veteran coach and teacher, she’s nurtured the careers of hundreds of actors, all with wit and style.

Gary Giambi | Booth Director

Gary worked in TV and movie casting for years before moving into the VO biz in ‘99.  He joined the staff at VOLA in 2008 and has been booth director-in-chief ever since. His low-key approach in concert with an innate prowess for coaxing out killer performances comes on the heels of literally thousands of creative auditions and talent wrangling.

Callie Ray- Audio Engineer | Associate Producer

Callie Ray graduated from the University of Miami with a full-bore tech nerd film & broadcast degree. After four years at Warner Bros. Studios, she joined VOLA in 2014, and spends her time here  engineering sessions, handling marketing and web development, managing the studios, and generally wearing whatever hat comes flying her way.  Which is helpful ’cause her hair is out of control.



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