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We are your one-stop VO shop- whether you need a voice over casting, recording studio,

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Custom Casting and Auditions

voiceover talent and casting

Attractive young people can often bring your copy to life!

Email us your copy and we’ll do a custom voice over casting, choosing the actors best suited to your needs. We’ll direct and record them in our studios and send you a completed list of reads within two business days. It’s a service that’s usually included with your cumulative project fee, which will bring you a professionally produced and directed variety of voices presented in a way to best help you envision your finished product- and make you a hero to your client!

Direct Booking

Short on time? Deadline in say… 20 minutes? Hoo-boy, you are so hosed… but don’t just mangle that stress ball — call us and we’ll get right on it — anything’s possible in digital land!

And for the rest of you execs with, uh, hours before reaching cliff side, check out our extensive Talent page or simply call and let us know what you’ve got in mind for your voice over casting. It’s a great way to get started and cut past all that laborious thumb typing.



contact voice over la

Many clients report excellent results.



recording studio facilities

Actor recording a “demo” in home hobby studio.

Our spacious Ventura Boulevard studios in Sherman Oaks are a classy and welcoming destination for your most discerning clients. We feature three separate stages, built expressly for voice over. All three include professional engineering services, comfortable accommodations, sauna, seaweed wraps, Kenny G underscoring your massage… and fast FTP upload delivery. For more information and photos, see the Studios page.

World Language Services

Seein’ as we’re so connected — like, everywhere – we’ve got your foreign language project covered, with all the services you need:

First, whether it’s English-to-foreign language or foreign-to-English, we’re in touch with experienced copy translators who’ll write finished pieces that won’t sound like an unintentionally hilarious Google robot.

Second, you’ll need experienced voice over actors who can turn a smooth native tongue, and be it Icelandic, Portuguese or Tagalog, we’ve got pros near and far. Our extensive network starts in LA, then runs digitally around the world, netting multiple choices, even in tough-to-find dialects.

Finally, you may find yourself recording a language that no-one, including your client, speaks, wishing there was an expert on the team who was listening IN that language to act as both interpreter and talent director. If so, we’ll locate and bring that qualified pro in for your session to add that essential ingredient. It’s an extra fee, but one that promotes happy endings and stress-free clients.

Music and Scoring

services_4We’ve got your music! Let us help you find the right style to complement your project and arrange everything from custom editing and sweetening to use fees and rights.

  • Laserdrop music from multiple libraries, specializing in short scores for 30’s, 60’s and online industrials.

Custom music editing and out-source composing from solo whistling to full orchestral roar.
  • An 18,000 track sound effects library ready to bring your pic to life.

Political Ads

Now, VoiceOver LA offers an alternative to union fees and residual payments.
With hand-picked voice over talent available for full broadcast buy-outs.
Your session and use fee is the one payment you’ll make for unlimited use.

For more info, visit

political campaign ads

Find your voice!


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